Where Can I Find Some Private Student Loans?

Question by College Student: Where Can I Find Some Private Student Loans?
Does anyone know any reliable private student loans that DO NOT require a co-signer? If so, please give me the web address. I am a Junior in college and I attend the University of Central Florida. (I already have the Federal Stafford Loan, but I need additional loans). Thanks in advance

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Answer by BeanCloe
None of the private loans require a co-signer, you only need it if you do not have any credit, or poor credit. So if you personally need a co-signer there is going to be no way around it, private loans need a guarantee that it will be paid back. Private student loans are just like a car loan or mortgage almost.

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  1. yes there are places that have loans for students. no you will probably not qualify unless: 1. you are a nontraditional (older) student and have established very reliable credit history. and also: 2. have the ability to repay, unlike financial aid most private student loans are like car notes and you must start paying them back immediately (other arrangements can be made but these are usually costly and require fabulous credit)

    all of these online sources that suposedly provide “special or secret loans” are a scam to get you to pay them something

    see if you can get a work study job at school, i had to get on a waiting list but got one in 2 weeks when my position became available because the student got fired (pretty common for students to get fired/ quit these jobs)

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