what is ask? what are doing here?

Question by Abdul: what is ask? what are doing here?

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Answer by ◇〶ゑぶ╋だしιての〶◆ 【☯ⒹⒿ☯】てぷびクのねの すんだ ぷのポびねのヱ ロねのくしだ™
Definitions of ask on the Web:

inquire about; “I asked about their special today”; “He had to ask directions several times”
make a request or demand for something to somebody; “She asked him for a loan”
direct or put; seek an answer to; “ask a question”
consider obligatory; request and expect; “We require our secretary to be on time”; “Aren’t we asking too much of these children?”; “I expect my students to arrive in time for their lessons”
address a question to and expect an answer from; “Ask your teacher about trigonometry”; “The children asked me about their dead grandmother”
necessitate: require as useful, just, or proper; “It takes nerve to do what she did”; “success usually requires hard work”; “This job asks a lot of patience and skill”; “This position demands a lot of personal sacrifice”; “This dinner calls for a spectacular dessert”; “This intervention does not …
require or ask for as a price or condition; “He is asking $ 200 for the table”; “The kidnappers are asking a million dollars in return for the release of their hostage”

Talk Radio, often branded on-air as Talk Radio 165, is a talk channel on XM Satellite Radio featuring terrestrial radio show simulcasts from around the country, most of which come from Premiere Radio Networks. …

“Ask” is a song by The Smiths. It was released as a single in October 1986, reaching #14 in the UK Singles Chart. As with most of The Smiths’ singles, it was not included on an original album. …

The first male human, according to the Poetic Edda

look for an answer to a question by speaking; approach someone to do something

Amplitude Shift Keying

The price level of an offer, as in bid-ask spread.

Advocates for Special Kids — an advocacy group for students with special education needs and their parents

An order to sell a specified number of contracts at a specified price over a specified number of days.

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