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Is it Mistake to have a baby now ?

Question by Yup just Me: Is it Mistake to have a baby now ?
am 25 and my hubby is 27 we are Married for almost 2 Years
we moved to another country directly after our wedding as my husband works there
he has a very good Job , we are financially stable for a young couple .
as for me , i dropped outta med school in the end of my 2nd year ( personal reasons ) and got a temporary job as an ( administrative assistant ) which later on became a full time job .
now i am doing nothing significant with my life , its hard to get a decent job where am living now
and my parents are pressuring me to go back to med school , which is impossible for me to do
i dont have the will to do it , and i have to admit that am not interested anymore
on top of that My mother stopped having real conversations with me since i left college , she keeps saying i don’t want u to be like me , just a housewife …
lately i started thinking about having a baby , its so not me
i notice kids a lot lately , and they just bring me joy and i cant stop thinking of having my own.
before i would panic just of the thought of having a kid … but not anymore !!!!
anyway …. i wish to have a baby maybe Next year
but my only fear is ( NOT HAVING A DEGREE )
will i regret having a baby without having a good job or at least a degree , something to help me stand on my feet if my life took another turn ??
Can i have a baby and still do something with my life ?

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Answer by beverly
You can do anything you put your mind to, but you should NOT have a baby if you are not 1000% SURE that is what you and your husband want.

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Baby Video Monitors For Kids and Parents

Parents have the basic instinct to keep their kids safe at all times and that is through keeping an eye on them always. Rather than always checking on them by visiting their rooms, experts have developed baby monitors to assist our parents. This is actually difficult especially during the past when they made use of a small monitoring device that only relays the sounds made by the child. But as technology improves and develops, experts have been able to produce baby video monitors. As the name implies, this device has a small camera plus an audio sensor, so wherever the parent may be, as long as he is within the range, they will be able to hear and see the movements of their kids. These baby video monitors have display screens that can either show the video in black and white or in full colors.

Like other devices, baby monitors are also sold at different price range – from cheap models to expensive ones.

Among the inexpensive baby monitors today is what we call as the Mobicam AV monitor. This device is worth around $ 50 that comes with a unit for the baby’s room and the receiver for the parents. Aside from its ability to show videos they get from the baby’s unit, this device is also able to connect to different media devices like cellular phones or computers. Hence, its system allows it to be mobile so wherever the parents may be, they can monitor their child. It also has a motion sensor together with the feature to receive emails or text messages.

Another favorite yet low priced baby monitor is the Summer Infant Day and Night system. Unlike other models of this device, this brand of baby monitor comes with a small monitor with a screen.

Its screen measures about 5 inches and the image is shown in black and white. It also has an on and off button that allows parents to turn off the device when not in use. Lastly, it features a night vision so parents can still monitor their kids during the night or when the lights are low.

The third model of baby monitor is the Safety 1st True View model. Like other baby video monitors, it comes with the traditional small sized mobile receiver that offers a display in full color. It possesses a power saving feature, backlighting while viewing during the night, plus its battery is rechargeable.

Obviously, one of the primary benefits this device can give to parents is the ability to monitor, see or hear their child even when they don’t go inside their room. Although sound recording monitors are helpful, it is better that you see and hear what your child is doing to erase your worries. It also distresses the child as he or she won’t see his or her parents entering the room always just to check on them. If you’re a parent who is on a tight budget, these baby video monitors is certainly what you are looking for to help you attain a peace of mind even when you’re not with your kids.

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Baby Shower Gifts for Parenting

Whenever you go to a baby shower, gifts are necessary: you can present the mom-to-be, the dad-to-be or the coming child. Most guests prefer to buy some thing for that baby, in particular, and carry some thing symbolic for that parents as well. If you go buying for baby shower gifts, you’ll uncover that selecting baby items isn’t in any respect tedious. The only condition is to be creative and not stick towards the regular presents such as stuffed animals, baby diaper bags and child clothing.

Inventive baby shower gifts would deliver a smile in the mom’s-to-be face. Here are some good examples that you simply can make use of.

Customized baby covers are fantastic. You will find all kinds of pastel-colored covers having a variety of outstanding styles. Some are delicate, fluffy and delicate, others are coated in ducks, lambs, bears or puppies.

Some possess ribbons, others include humorous material patches. You can even personalize the blanket your self for those who have a bit of skill.

Custom-made picture frames! Each and every parent loves photos to immortalize unique family occasions. You can customize the frame with the baby’s initials, the baby’s name and so forth. If the couple fits in to a particular social tradition you might make use of symbols for that customization to make the present much more unique. This kind of baby shower gifts are not exactly practical, yet they are highly expressive.

Unique baby packages! The favorite on this class of baby shower gifts are bath packages which consist of every thing parents need for a clear wash. There is shampoo, a delicate, hooded towel and a washcloth. Bath rubber playthings are fantastic in the event you think a small bit upfront once the child is old enough to sit down and play in water. Bubble shower is fantastic fun as well once the infant finds out what fantastic fun water is! Journey packages may help to make various other unique baby shower gifts here, plus they include baby bag, wet napkins, baby sunscreen lotion, an antibacterial gel for mom’s hands and so forth.

Although occasionally it feels simpler to look for ready-made baby shower gifts, uniqueness is highly appreciated. It is a lot more than just following the principles of the etiquette, this really is about giving some thing from the heart. You’ll feel so honored in the event you come up with a nice concept for your private baby shower gifts not just for that baby but for that parents as well. They must be congratulated for their chance of getting a new human being in to the world.

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