Student loans/ debt/ college?

Question by nwccqueen: Student loans/ debt/ college?
Well as of now I dont owe any student loans. I have attended an community college and I only took out an grant and i still had extra money left over. Now i have graduated and its time for me to attend a university but im scared i will be in much debt after i graduate. Do u think it would be better to go to a university and not have to borrow but only a few or do you think i need to experience the college life. I want to but im afraid that after i graduate i will be in more debt than i can handle. What do you think will be best to go off and experience college or think of my future and my credit. I’m kind of stuck in between a rock and a hard place please help me.

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Answer by Sweet Tooth
Do u think it would be better to go to a university and not have to borrow but only a few or do you think i need to experience the college life.


Your question is very unclear. Maybe you shouldn’t go to a university…

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21 thoughts on “Student loans/ debt/ college?”

  1. I was in your same exact position two years ago. I decided to attend the major university which required me to pull out some student loans. These loans are called “smart loans” and the interest (if federal) is pretty low. You also have the option to defer payments until six months after you graduate. Knowing that when I left college, with or without a degree, I was going to have debt gave me the determination that I needed to do well in my classes. Paying back the debt isn’t that bad as the payments are usually low and in return build up your credit if you pay them on time. I’d advise you to go to a University, it really is a much better experience, educationally or otherwise.

    Check in with the university’s financial aid, there are literally millions of dollars out there in the form of scholarships and grants that you can get by simply filling out a form. And don’t forget to fill out your FAFSA!
    Good luck!


  3. This is a sticky subject. It seems like we are getting close to the point
    of is all the debt really worth the education. Does it pay off? This is
    important to consider when choosing a career path.

  4. Take control of yourself. Help yourself. There are tools to help get out of
    debts quickly. Get Credit Card Payoff app for Windows Phone from to help set your payoff goal and you find how amazing it is to
    get out of debts quickly.

  5. Financial aid an American dream? I don’t think so, it depends on which
    institutions you are enrolling into. There are so many private schools that
    sprout around the country. Those institutions prey on students and use them
    as a mean to collect government money under the label of “financial aid”.
    They don’t care about the students or their future, they are there to make
    money while they leave their victims in the cold stuck with the obligation
    to repay those student loans. It’s more like a trap.

  6. We’re talking about for-profit colleges. Wikipedia has shown itself to be
    reliant through studies, so I will quote them. “For-profit schools often
    lack admission standards that public and private colleges and universities
    use.[2] In addition, many employers regard many for-profit schools as
    legalized diploma mills and many deny degrees from such institutions.[2]”
    Source: (Kevin Carey, July 25th 2010. “The Chronicle of Higher Education.”)

  7. But people don’t take responsibility anymore for their actions.If parents
    and children read thoroughly through the paperwork,this should be no
    problem.Take the time to sit down with financial aid counselor.ASK
    QUESTIONS!!! I agree for profit schools are horrible and their salesmen do
    great jobs at pulling the wool over young impressionable kids eyes.This is
    your life and your money.I went back to community college.If was very
    affordable to go and credits TRANSFER.

  8. the problem is the schools. they need serious evaluations. I was swooped
    away straight from high school from an art school that fed on my dreams.
    They need to follow seriously strict standards if they want to provide

  9. As much as I love preaching personal responsibility, if the parents don’t
    know anything (very few do,) then the child won’t be taught to look at
    things like that. They’ll get rushed into these horrible schools, without
    even fully realizing what they are, and get punished for having never had
    the parents that can help them out (which, again, very few parents have any
    idea.) As much as it sounds like a good idea to preach responsibility and
    good parenting, it’s pragmatic to punish the schools.

  10. @gueo224s Bro is better to be prepared for when America collapses!, the
    link to the survival guide is on the description of my profile

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