should i just take it? Help?

Question by Beatles girl forever!: should i just take it? Help?
I’m a guitar player and for the whole time that I have been playing, I’ve mainly played acoustic. I never played electric because I don’t own one. Recently a friend of mind contacted me on Facebook asking if I wanted her electric guitar. It’s a really nice Jay Turser strat. She payed $ 300 for it but never really used it. She said she was willing to give it to me for free. Me and her aren’t CLOSE friends. So, I would feel kind of bad just taking it from her for free. You’re probably thinking I’m crazy for not taking the opportunity of getting a free guitar from a friend. But like I said, me and her aren’t that close. I feel like it’d be unfair. I’d rather pay her $ 300 for it but I don’t have that kind of money. I certainly don’t want to ask my parents for the money. Do you think I should wait and get a job to pay for it?

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Answer by Dana
Why not just take the guitar on “loan”, allowing you the opportunity to decide whether you truly want to make the transition to electric? If you really like the guitar after playing it for a couple of months, offer your friend $ 100 to keep it, which is a fair price for a pre-owned Jay Turser Stratocaster. Best regards, Dana

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