question pertaining to auto loans..?

Question by Rich C: question pertaining to auto loans..?
how should i go about finding an auto loan that would have no credit check and have a good payment system? i do not want to get one that would end up hurting me in the end. i was wondering if someone could assist me in finding one that would either be or somewhat have;

-no credit check
-no cosigner
-preferably no employment verification
-affordable payments

please help me out,, any advice would be helpful. im a college student who needs a car for this semester and i have no money to purchase one myself and i dont have any parents or guardians that would assist me in this so that’s why i need to find a good loan to get.

sorry i guess the satan dickhead couldnt read well.. i said PREFERABLY no work exp., all i was wondering is if anyone had any website in mind.. not some lame story.

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Answer by xx_satanic_mechanic_xx
This is not happening. Serioulsy, you are not living in the same world with the rest of us if you think you can get “good loan” under your conditions. No credit check? No employment verification? Even Buy-Here, Pay-Here lots check your employment. No one is going to write a “good loan” and not confirm that you have the means to pay it back.

With no credit check, no employment check, and no co-signer you are in loan shark territory.

Use public transportation, get a job, save your money and pay cash. That is the best suggestion for your circumstances.

ADD: Oh golly, you are right! I completely overlooked the word “preferably”. Well that changes everything! If it is only “preferably” without employment verification, there are literally hundreds of banks you can get a good loan through! If all you want is preferred loan structure on no credit check, no so-signer and a smile and a wink, then banks will step all over one another to earn your business!

Get mad all you want. Call me and everyone here anything you like. Your request is unreasonable, and won’t happen. You are dealing in the world of grown-ups now and in our world, you have to earn things like good loans. They don’t get handed to you becuase you are teh cutest kid in Algebra class.

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4 thoughts on “question pertaining to auto loans..?”

  1. i dont think you can qualify with bennie the buzzer down at the candy store/the vig is a little much for you and he needs some kind of verification

  2. No offense, but you are entitled (with no credit to speak of, mind you…) to the best terms out there because….why?


    Look at what you slap into your post and put yourself into the shoes of any loan officer and brace yourself from that fall from your chair as a result of that overly raucous laugh you will let out.

    You earn this like anyone else before you that had to earn good credit.

  3. Well, you can close your eyes and fall asleep and dream, but in the real world, you won’t find any place that will offer you a loan with your “conditions”.

    Perhaps you can locate a hoopty (looks bad, but will get you where you need to go and is cheap) in your area.

  4. You are in a dream world.

    You are entitled to buy a car for however much cash you have. That’s all you qualify for.

    No website in the world is going to help you with your dream scenario.

    No lender either for that matter.

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