Q&A: what are some low interest student loans?

Question by Jessica: what are some low interest student loans?
Can anyone give me some suggestions on where to apply for a student loan? the lowest I currently have been approved for is 13% which is a bit crazy, it more than doubles my 6,000 loan! I already applied did fafsa and I am not eligible for Stafford or Perkins loans and I get $ 0 in grants (apparently my parents making 50,000 is rich, according to the government) Anyways, does anyone know where I can apply? Thanks!

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Answer by Rick
No such a thing.

What are called “signature loans,” or loans that are not secured by collateral (like a car or a home loan are), are ALWAYS going to have high interest rates.

Oh, and it’s not that your parents are considered rich – it’s that they’re not considered “poor.”
Grants are for kids from low-income households, basically a form of welfare.
Considering your parents income level, you’ve hardly lived in hardship.

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