Q&A: Should I pay my parents back?

Question by Anonymous: Should I pay my parents back?
I left home right before college. In college I supported myself 100% and that includes financially. After college I got a good job. My parents weren’t doing so well financially so whenever I could I’d send them money. They would sometimes ask me to “loan” them some money, but I never asked them to pay me back. In fact, I believe my parents owe me nothing.

A few years ago I left my job due to depression. I lived off my savings for a few years. Recently, I decided to pick myself up and started job-hunting. I got a job offer abroad. As soon as I broke the news to my parents they asked me if I had enough money to pay for the airfare and I said no. I didn’t ask them for it though, I told them “I’ll sort something out”.

Immediately, they said “don’t stress yourself out, we’ll cover your ticket.” I accepted the offer because I’m a little tight on cash right now.

I feel extremely guilty. I can’t believe I let myself go to the point of having to go back to my parents for help. I’m supposed to make their lives easier, when I only seem to burden them.

I’m not a parent myself. So I cannot relate. I would like to ask the parents here if you would want your children (who are adults) to pay you back if you were in this situation? Or would this be considered a ‘gift’? Thanks.
Cici – Yes they are in a much better financial situation right now.

I truly appreciate the responses here. I will listen to all your advice and pay them back when I get my life back on track. I won’t say “here’s the money I owe you for the ticket last time” but I will just hand it to them like “here’s a little something for you guys.” I think that might be more like exchanging good gestures rather than paying back money that was owed. 😀

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Answer by Noelle
Wow. If only there were more people like you. But I think you shouldn’t stress too much about paying them back. I would slowly pay them back as you get the money. Or you could save up money for a little bit, then pay them back all at once

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3 thoughts on “Q&A: Should I pay my parents back?”

  1. When they paid for the ticket, were they in a better financial situation than before?
    I think parents just want to see their kids succeed and want to help them however they can.

  2. Dude cheer up. Life is beautiful and no matter what your situation is you can always make it better. Trust me I have been there and the number 1 thing that will keep you down is yourself. There is endless possiblity out there, especially if you dont have kids lol. But I would just pay them back once you are living conforyably again, if taking handouts bothers you. We all need help from family from time to time. Hope you the best my friend

  3. I think it’s a nice gesture if you’re able to pay them back eventually, so you don’t have to feel indebted to them or anything.

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