Q&A: Financial Aid – Loans?

Question by Marlins03: Financial Aid – Loans?
I go to UCLA and my summer plans fell through so im thinking about taking summer school. I pay for college 100% through financial aid (grants, scholarships, loans) so I need to apply for financial aid for summer school to cover fees. But I missed the priority deadline and im not sure if ill still be able to recieve any financial aid. If im not able to recieve any directly from UCLA, can i still apply for a stafford or perkins loan on my own to cover the costs? Thank you for the help!

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Answer by tco
For the Stafford and Perkins loans you need to have a completed FAFSA. The loans are given through the financial aid department, it is not something you yourself can apply for. These loans are also capped at a certain amount per year dependent on your class standing. Talk to your financial aid counselor for more information. Call the financial aid office to figure out who your counselor is.

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  1. To continue the above reply, a FAFSA, is a government grant:


    Beware of other websites that advertise FAFSA applications. I help my daughter fill out hers every year and this year I accidentally typed the website address wrong and ended up at a different FAFSA website. I thought they had just changed the website and went through the entire process of filling it out, only to get to the end and before you hit submit it tried to charge me $ 80!

    The real FAFSA, government site, will not charge you a fee to apply!

  2. Apply anyway! The priority deadline manes that before that date you are guaranteed certain aid levels… after that there is still a possibility of recieving the leftover aid. Apply and then ask your school if you can submit an appeal for the dates. Many universities will allow you once to file late and still recieve priority aid. If after this process you still don’t have enough money you can apply for loans (only private loans) so everylittle bit of aide you can get through the office will be helpful in keeping the private loan low.

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