Q&A: FAFSA loan help please?

Question by pretty_britty_kitty: FAFSA loan help please?
I just got my financial aid report back for college and I’m so confused. Last year I just got a Subsidized Federal Direct Loan and an Unsubsidized Federal Direct Loan. This year, I got each of those and then an “Other Loan” worth more than the other 2 combined. What the heck is this “other loan”? Any help is appreciated, thanks!!

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Answer by Lisa C
You’ll need to talk to your financial aid office. Most likely, they’re telling you that if you plan on paying for your full tuition and expenses through financial aid, you would need to find an “other loan” for that amount. In other words, that is the amount of a parent loan or private alternative loan that you / your family could apply for.

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