Not Eligible for Pell Grant?

Question by Kevin M: Not Eligible for Pell Grant?
I am not eligible for a Pell Grant, because of my parents’ salary. Is there any way to fix this? I can’t pay for college because I have no job, and my parents aren’t helping me. Do I need to re-apply for FAFSA?

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Answer by Laura
Pell Grants may disappear due to recent budget crises in the federal government. The only way to do it would be to move out of your parents’ home and become financially independent. You’ll need to find a job. BTW, Pell Grants pay only a tiny portion of college.

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5 thoughts on “Not Eligible for Pell Grant?”

  1. I saw that i wasnt either!! i dnt know what to do. But im searching everywhere for scholarships. and I was once told that you can ask for sponsors, like local businesses. I hope everything goes well for you. 🙂 Good luck to u!

  2. No, no way to “fix” it because it is not broken and you can’t reapply until NEXT year with the new 2011 income info. You should know you CAN get finanical aid in the form of low interest federal student loans called “Stafford Loans”. Dependent freshman can borrow up to 5500 a year. You don’t need a cosigner and you dont have to pass a credit check.

  3. No offense but how were you planning to pay for college?
    Even if you can’t get a pell grant have you seen about state grants or loans or scholarships?

  4. My SO was not able to go to college until he was 25.. not because his parents made to much (they were living in poverty)… but because his parents had not filed taxes as they should have done.

    He was told that some schools could “determine” his an independent so that he could re-file his FASFA showing that he worked, had an apartment & supported himself… but, he went to 5 different schools (community colleges & state universities) and was told he would have to wait until he was 25 to apply for FASFA without his parents information

    now, he is 28 & has begun his college education as of this past April. He is still working 30 hours per week while taking 17 credit hours at school

  5. Take a look at the lens posted below. There are a number of things you can do, honestly you should not have applied if you were going to be rejected, and it’s easy tell whether or not you will be accepted/rejected because it’s just a simple mathmatical formula.

    Anyway, check out the link and it will show you how to adjust your parents income.

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