Mt San Jacinto College California?

Question by Gillian G: Mt San Jacinto College California?
Ok well im about to be a senior in high school and im currently working so i have money saved up by the time i graduate to move out. That is not what im concerned about though, i have about 3 or 4 pamphlets from mt san jacinto junior college in san jacinto california, im really looking into taking their sonography course there during a two year period, but i was recently told by a family member that you cant just take the 2 years of junior college and jump right into sonography in a hospital, that you have to go to a bigger college afterwards, i dont know if this is true because this family member has never attended any college what so ever so i dont know if they know what theyre talking about. The reason why im hoping why that i can just take the 2 years of community college is because i only have enough money saved by my parents to take those two years, and i dont have money to advance to a bigger college afterwards and i really dont feel like paying off student loans for the rest of my life to get into a bigger college. so i was just wondering if there was anyone out there who knew any additional info about this? oh and as for the pamphlets, they only describe the courses provided at the college and some other things that dont talk about going to a higher college afterwards. i want to apply for this college during my senior year but, i dont want to if i cant get a job after i finish this course in college. someone please help?

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Answer by Milksake
Its good to be full minded and prepare. From what my stand point I believe you should take community college, and then earn a scholarship that’s enveloped in money for further education. Although I do not know you current g.p.a -or capability, yet; If you choice to comment or edit I’ll supply further info build on your edit notes. Right now your in a pickle since you mention “no student loan”. Student loan, doesn’t necessarily mean forever in-debt, but to not mislead you -Yes. People do get stuck in debt, mostly to those who are pulling to much money into a carrier that could only generate under half of what you owe in 5 year of pay. So, with these info I ask if you “could” or “would” edit with g.p.a average for your grade 11- and 12. As well as S.A.T score and such major testing you have acquired.

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