Is it Mistake to have a baby now ?

Question by Yup just Me: Is it Mistake to have a baby now ?
am 25 and my hubby is 27 we are Married for almost 2 Years
we moved to another country directly after our wedding as my husband works there
he has a very good Job , we are financially stable for a young couple .
as for me , i dropped outta med school in the end of my 2nd year ( personal reasons ) and got a temporary job as an ( administrative assistant ) which later on became a full time job .
now i am doing nothing significant with my life , its hard to get a decent job where am living now
and my parents are pressuring me to go back to med school , which is impossible for me to do
i dont have the will to do it , and i have to admit that am not interested anymore
on top of that My mother stopped having real conversations with me since i left college , she keeps saying i don’t want u to be like me , just a housewife …
lately i started thinking about having a baby , its so not me
i notice kids a lot lately , and they just bring me joy and i cant stop thinking of having my own.
before i would panic just of the thought of having a kid … but not anymore !!!!
anyway …. i wish to have a baby maybe Next year
but my only fear is ( NOT HAVING A DEGREE )
will i regret having a baby without having a good job or at least a degree , something to help me stand on my feet if my life took another turn ??
Can i have a baby and still do something with my life ?

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Answer by beverly
You can do anything you put your mind to, but you should NOT have a baby if you are not 1000% SURE that is what you and your husband want.

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One thought on “Is it Mistake to have a baby now ?”

  1. In this economy acquiring debt “School Loans” to have a degree and sit on it doesn’t seem especially smart to me. I am not a parent and don’t plan to ever have children, but I don’t think that being a “house wife” is anything demeaning.
    Your mother has regrets obviously, those are her choice to have and her decision to keep them.
    The ironic thing is she probably had someone influence her decisions at one point, changing the course of her life that she doesn’t find fulfilling. She doesn’t want that for you, but what if she actually doing the same thing to you?
    Can you have a baby and still do something with your life? If you WANT to. Not to say having a back up plan is not a good idea.

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