I went through jackson hewitt for my tax prep and was charged $300 for 6 forms. Is this the norm?

Question by jenls79_04: I went through jackson hewitt for my tax prep and was charged 0 for 6 forms. Is this the norm?
I was told the standard average fee was $ 99 with additional charges for additional forms. I had 6 forms total, and when she was done (only 35 min later), she handed me a $ 300 bill. I filed short form (not long). Is this the standard for tax prep fees, or should I be questioning this amount?
I had four 1099’s and a 1098. Like I said, it only took her 35-40 minutes from the time I walked in, until I left the office. I never knew that I could possibly dispute the fee, or leave after she was done if I was dissatisfied with the fee. Maybe I can still stop the process, and go elsewhere (or file myself with costs like that). It was only a few hours ago that I had it done.

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What were the forms she had to use? How many W2s and/or 1099s did you have? Hard to say without knowing the details.

At H&R you do not have to accept the return if you don’t like the price.

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4 thoughts on “I went through jackson hewitt for my tax prep and was charged $300 for 6 forms. Is this the norm?”

  1. sounds like a hard expensive lesson for u and a ripp off considering the bookstore would only charge u 100$ for books on taxs.
    the library is free.
    question it , if u are not satisfied . get a sign and protest it.

  2. Depends, but yes. Different J-H franchises have different fees, and during the peak season it costs more. There are charges for each form prepared, time charges, and charges for # of forms entered (W-2s, 1099, child care, etc.). There are usually some discounts available if you question the bill or balk at it. Don’t think you’re filing 1040EZ with all those forms.

  3. Jackson Hewitt is franchised. Some of the franchises charge $ 65, then $ 6 for each additional form you submit to them. None that I know of are enrolled agents because they can only do very simple situations. Hence, any teen can do what they are doing and it isn’t worth more than 100.00.

    Is Jackson-Hewiit any good? Jackson-nitwitt certainly is NOT a good place to get your taxes done. I spied on them in 2002. They are bad!! If your situation requires any more than a 1040A, they can’t do it. I saw a girl in there who was still in school. She was doing 1040EZ’s. Any teenager can do a 1040EZ. Saw some pretty sleazy things going there, also. In 2002, the IRS system went down for a few days, so no one whom had eFiled could get their taxes processed, hence could not get their refund authorized for eFile. When the customers complained, one of the “managers” said “why are they griping? We don’t get our money, either”. Jackson-Hewritt certainly don’t care about their customers. They even laugh at them! A young couple came in. They had a refund coming. They signed up for the enormous ripoff of eFile. As they were leaving, the husband said “it’s great that we are getting a refund”. The wife said: “it’s not our money. It’s a loan”. The couple was out of earshot and the employees laughed!!! None of the employees ran after them to explain that it is THEIR refund. The so-called “manager” who was there was laughing also!! My blood was boiling, and, after six years, it still is boiling. I put up on my website what I observed. I’ve never met nor heard of any of the Jackson-dimwit preparers being enrolled agents. I had one lady come to me whom had had Jackson-dimwit do her taxes. They said she owed 600 plus interest and they put penalty on her taxes. I did them and she had a refund of $ 900!!! And the scandals of the highway robbery refund anticipation loans have come out. Senator Schumer testified that the RALs are as high as 1700% APR. Also, the Wall Street Journal had an article 10 months or so ago about dimwit’s fraudulent practices and the stock went way south. Those poor taxpayers have to pay extra tax and THE INTEREST AND PENALTY. jackson dingbat was turning the taxpayers owing the IRS into refunds for the taxpayer and, the income tax refunds in to larger refunds in order to bleed their clients for more cash to work with for the refund anticipation loans {RAL}.
    One Jackson-dilldock franchise stated on whether your baby qualifies for the Child Tax Credit if born by December 31: “A minor child has to be born six months before Tax Filing for that year” {!!!}. Every enrolled agent knows that if your baby was born by 11:59PM, December 31, the parents could qualify for up to a $ 1000 Child Tax Credit dollar-for-dollar reducing your Federal income tax.

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