I want to become a helicopter pilot. Does it matter what degree I have?

Question by coldcore: I want to become a helicopter pilot. Does it matter what degree I have?
Hi. So in the future my plan is to become a helicopter pilot as a career. Well I was just wondering I know that having a college degree will always help down the road but my problem is that there is only one school near me that offers a degree in aviation but i believe that along with that you need to pay extra for flight school for fixed winged aircraft which I do not want to fly so would be a waste of money. Would any of my employers in the future care what my degree is in? Could I even go as far as majoring in history?(I have always loved history but never wanted a job in the field) Because my plan is to work on getting a 4 year degree and my pilots license at a local helicopter flight school. Also one more question, can i get any kind of student loans to pay for the flight training? Thanks in advance

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Answer by Yummy Enise
bachelor of education would be the most useful

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One thought on “I want to become a helicopter pilot. Does it matter what degree I have?”

  1. That depends on what kind of helicopter pilot you want to become. Almost every government entity that operates helicopters requires a degree. An aviation degree will work, but a “professional pilot” type degree is not recommended because it gives you nothing to fall back on if you cannot fly for some reason. Get something more specialized.

    If you hope to fly for law enforcement (Police, FBI, Border Patrol, DEA etc) you should get a law enforcement degree. If you want to work as a firefighting pilot or work in conservation /wildlife you should think about getting a forestry or conservation / natural resources management type of degree. If you wish to be an agricultural (spray) pilot, consider getting an agricultural oriented degree. A maintenance management degree (including an A&P mechanic licence) is always useful and can get you many jobs you otherwise wouldn’t quilify for with low flight experience.

    Flying fixed wing is not necessarily a waste of money. It can reduce your cost of training for one and can also give you career flexibility. Some of the most interesting jobs require both.

    As for money, the federally guaranteed student loans you can personally obtain generally don’t cover academic tuition and flight training, so you will either need cash from savings (or parents savings) or your parents will also need to borrow supplemental student loans. Plan on being heavily in debt if you finance most or all of it. For under-grad studies you can borrow up to $ 60k, and depending on their income and credit rating, your parents can borrow “private student loans” and PLUS loans. Contact the college and flight school you are interested in for more information.

    To keep costs down, go to a state college or community college. Residents pay lower tuition. For flight training, you’ll simply have to shop for the most affordable training you can find. You do not have to go to a college that offers flight training, and in many cases it is cheaper not to.

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