I really want to go to college and dorm but I don’t know how to go about it?

Question by : I really want to go to college and dorm but I don’t know how to go about it?
Ever since I graduated I’ve been worrying sick about getting a job and supporting my mom. I’ve filled out 200+ applications but since I’m still 17 and I live in a really small town with only about 20 places hiring I haven’t gotten a job yet.

If you’ve read my past questions you know how hard it’s been for me living with my mom and trying to find work at my age.

I graduated with multiple honors classes under my belt and two technology/communication certifications and several awards including 1st place for my state in Web Design and the presidential volunteer award.

I’ve realized I really want to go to college and dorm with somebody or get an apartment with a roommate. I want to get a degree and to have that experience! I love love love learning and I want to get out of my house so bad! I don’t want to keep having to live with my mom or have to go live with my dad, I want to live with somebody else and be able to spread my wings and grow up! I know it’ll be really hard but I need that experience to become my own person!

The problem is my mom won’t help with me going to college at all (she thinks college is stupid) and wants me to stay with her and support her, and my dad is really poor and only has $ 1k saved up for college (not dissing him,I love him to death).

I really want to get a job and I plan 100% on getting one but I don’t know how to get into college.
I’ll have my license and know how to drive by the time I turn 18 so that shouldn’t be a problem.
It’s just the money factor, I know there’s student loans but I don’t want to be in debt the rest of my life and have to struggle to get by,I tried for scholarships but they’re a lot harder to get than they appear. It always seems like some college kid wins them or some super smart perfect student.

Everybody says if you take out student loans than the rest of your life the government owns you and I don’t want that to happen.

Do you think I should just forget about college and just keep trying to get a job and just go for some sort of cheap classes at a vocational school like CNA?

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Answer by Rachel Vare
Go to college. It’s worth it. Also take out student loans. Thats what I’m doing. It’s not a big deal at all. I know people with about 10 grand debt in student loans and their payment is 50 bucks a month. You could pay that with a minimum wage job. it’s not a big deal at all, thats what you have to do. Also if neither of your parents make that good of money you’ll probably be able to get grants which is government funded money that you don’t have to pay back. Appy for the college you want to go to and get the number for their finanical aid department and talk to them. Also go online to fafsa.gov and fill out your financial aid information and it will get sent to the schools and theyll see what they can offer you. Again just call the school you want to go to and ask questions. Theyre more than happy to help. It’s great that you want to go to college and dorm there also, I’m in college and haven’t dormed there ever but wish I would have but now I’m about to be a senior so it’s too late for me. Don’t give up on school. It’s what going to help you become even more independent and you’ll be happy in the long run. Student loans are no big deal, everyone lives their lives in debt, if you have a car payment, thats debt, a house thats not paid off, thats debt. Just call and talk to someone. You’ll be happy you did. Lots of luck and best wishes to you!

Also with the government offered student loans you dont even pay them back until you graduate or drop below half time enrollment if you didnt know that.

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Debra Ensor, Assistant Vice President, Wells Fargo Education Financial Services, presents Repaying Student Loans at CSB’s Financial Literacy Seminar. June . From CSB’s Financial Literacy Seminar…
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3 thoughts on “I really want to go to college and dorm but I don’t know how to go about it?”

  1. No, don’t forget about college.
    DO take out student loans.

    “Everybody says if you take out student loans than the rest of your life the government owns you and I don’t want that to happen.”
    ^ It sounds like you’re interested in Computer Science or IT, a field in which a bachelor’s degree will get a VERY good job (and not that hard to get), and you would be able to pay off your student loans in probably 3 years quite nicely.
    So it’s definitely not the “rest of your life” that’s a dramatization people make who got majors in fields like Art or Theatre and can’t find good jobs afterward. 😛 With Computer Science, you would be setting yourself up to find work. My university’s hiring rate right out of college for CS majors is like 90%+, because CS jobs are in demand everywhere.
    Most people take out student loans. Few people can pay most college costs out of pocket.
    The average starting salary for Computer Science is around $ 50,000-$ 60,000, and with this kind of money, you can pay the loan comfortably (it’s only like $ 100 to $ 200 monthly payment, which hardly dents your income), send money to support your parents, and live on your own and be quite well off.
    I don’t know why you’re skeptical about the government “owning you”… because you owe a loan to them doesn’t mean they can tell you what to do. It’s just an ordinary loan and plenty of people have them. Besides, the government offers the best rates.
    You may even get a grant when you apply for FAFSA because your family’s income. So take advantage of your situation, you will likely get a grant (aka free money) from what it sound like.
    Do work study (a FAFSA award) and you can earn money doing a part time job as you go to school. When you’re in a university setting and if you have work study awarded to you in your FAFSA report, then you eligible to get a lot more jobs around campus where students work and I’m sure you can find something!
    Things like tutoring, research participation, working at a front desk or dining hall, etc.. and make money too.

    “she thinks college is stupid”
    ^ College education and degrees are one of the few ways people can move from one social class to another. Education is the way up.

    I think since you are past the deadline for regular entry into a college in fall semester, you should pick out a 4 yr. university and prepare to submit an application this fall 2012 before the deadline. Make sure you’ve taken your SAT/ACT (go on collegeboard to find a place near you where you can register to sit the exam –PRIOR to application), and make sure you include any awards and extracurriculars you had on the college application.

    My #1 tip to you is to go on university’s websites. There, you will find all the facts and instructions to apply.
    You obviously seem to have the brains and you are also showing potential in a field that it is easy to be employed in, as well as being one of the highest paid.
    Consider it an investment into your future and go through with it.


    -apply to university around now or early fall 2012 (check specific college’s deadlines!! Many are in October, some are in September. September is typically the time to be applying.)

    -(optional) consider attending a community college in spring semester 2013 in order to gain credits that you can actually transfer to your university when you go there. MAKE SURE you call an academic counselor at the university and confirm that the community college credits will transfer.

    -apply for FAFSA online in January 2013 (may be before you get accepted to the university)

    -spring 2013, university acceptances should be arriving in the mail

    -late spring, CONFIRM your acceptance with the university. Research the courses by browsing them by major on the university website and plan a first semester schedule that will help you achieve the degree you want. If you have gotten a few credits out of the way by taking courses from a community college, this will help you graduate faster. If the university has a flat tuition fee (meaning money is not charged by credit number), you can take the maximum load and thus graduate with a bachelor’s in 3 to 3 1/2 years, thus less loans.

    -summer 2013 – attend orientation at the university and register for your classes, housing, etc. (you will be mailed instructions by the university and at orientation they talk you through it don’t worry) Also, confirm FAFSA awards and set up private students loans with banks if neccessary.

    -fall 2013 – attend university.

    -every January apply for FAFSA again.

    Hope this helped! GOOD LUCK 🙂

  2. just call the college you want to go to and they’ll tell you what you need to do to live in the dorms, resort also give you rm and board if you wanted to get away from home

  3. If you are having financial problems, you don’t have to worry about anything. There are many offers like scholarships for graduate school.

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