I didn’t get any financial aid, so I’m probably going to have to join the Air Force?

Question by Alex: I didn’t get any financial aid, so I’m probably going to have to join the Air Force?
All I got from the government for my first year of college is a federal unsubsidized loan. I think it’s because I get child support(which is only $ 50!!!), and my stepfather has 2 jobs in order to support his family (5 kids in the house). Our family is pretty much in debt, and as you can see there’s tons of kids, yet I didn’t get a penny from the government for my education? The only “free” money I got was from a Bright Futures Scholarship which I EARNED for getting good grades in high school. It just disgusts me to see that all my friends are getting 2-3 thousand dollars from financial aid, and using it to buy luxuries, while I’m left with nothing but money to owe. I’m not going to some fancy private school either, I’m attending a state school, and I can’t even afford a car right now (I take the bus). On top of that, I’m taking 7 classes this semester and I’m going to take 6 during the spring so that I don’t have to take any classes during the summer(we need 30 credits annually). Reason I’m clearing up space for the summer isn’t to relax, but to be able to join the Air Force Reserve and attend basic training which lasts approximately 2 and a half months. I’m reeeally stressed out with life right now, oh and before you ask no, I didn’t have a job during the time I applied till now so that can’t possibly be a reason for me not receiving financial aid(yes if you have a job they probably won’t give you as much money) but anyways back to my question: Why in the hell didn’t I get financial aid???
Scatch that, I meant subsidized not unsubsidized.
And yes I did my fafsa application
@JammyPie: You’re an idiot. Me a spoiled brat? Funny coming from the guy getting all his school paid for him as well as housing… Obviously, you don’t have to worry about being able to afford school or else you wouldn’t have posted such an ignorant and pathetic comment. Like I said, my stepfather has 2 jobs in order to support his family (There’s >>>5<<< kids living in the house, one of which is diabetic, the oldest has mental disabilities, and money is really tight here). I told you I ride the bus to school. I don't go to a fancy school.You probably have the luxury of owning a car. Your parents probably pay whatever your free money doesn't cover. I'm even opting to join the military to help pay for my education. And when I seem upset that I didn't get a single cent of money(that I don't have to pay back), you call ME spoiled? Honestly, I bet I need the money much more than you do. Please... do yourself a favor and refrain from ever speaking again. Damn government-moocher. Best answer:

Answer by Anonymous
Debt, even 50K worth, is not used in determining your EFC. The fact that your parents don’t know how to manage their money or live within their means does not interest the government.

What they DO look at, is how many people are in the house and how many of them are college students, as well as what your, your mom’s and your step-dad’s income is. If I were you, I would just double check your fafsa to be sure you included all your household members (that the instructions say to include) in the household. It sounds like this should be 7 people total… you, 4 siblings and mom and step-dad.

Also, be sure you answered the question about child support correctly. You only put child support YOU received on your section (the student section of the fafsa) if YOU HAVE A KID you are getting child support for. If you are getting it because your mother is divorced from your dad) then you need to put it under the “Parent section”. It sounds like you put it under the wrong section. This is VERY IMPORTANT!!! Again, unless you have kids, you shouldn’t have any child support paid under the STUDENT section of your fafsa.

(Be sure you also include any child support your mom or your step dad PAY OUT for other kids that don’t live in your/his household. This is deducted from his income when determining your EFC.) You would also report any child support your step-dad gets for any step siblings that live in your/his household, as well as half-siblings he might get support from.

“all I got was a subsidized loan”
Congratulations!!! You are so lucky the government gives you financial aid like this. You know that this is the NORM actually. Contrary to popular belief, most people only get student loans to pay for their schooling.

To answer your question, YOU DID GET FIN AID!
Student loans are financial aid, just like grants and parent loans and scholarships and work study. If all the info on your fafsa is correct, you and your family make too much money to get the free kinds of financial aid.

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One thought on “I didn’t get any financial aid, so I’m probably going to have to join the Air Force?”

  1. You did get aid you just didn’t like what they offered. Even the unsubsidized loans are considered aid. I am going to take a guess that what you really mean as aid is the grants but grants are only one form of aid. The definition of aid is money you get to help you with your cause whether it be education or whatever. Loans are aid, grants are aid, scholarships are aid, etc.
    The grants are based on your EFC. A high EFC=no grant. The subsidized and unsubsidized fed loans are still a better deal than private ones.
    Also, no one is forcing you to join the reserves that is a personal choice. If your friends are getting thousands of dollars in grants it can only be because they are really poor compared to you.
    To be honest your complaint sounds more like that of a spoiled child then somebody that has been done wrong.

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