how to find free scholarships in usa?

Question by mahy: how to find free scholarships in usa?
searching for full or work-study program scholarships in usa
any suggestions or links?

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Answer by ibu guru
Most financial aid money in US comes from tax dollars & is therefore restricted to US citizens & legal permanent residents (green card holders). Their parents paid all those taxes! So taxpayers’ kids get those benes. Financial aid for foreign students is very limited, and competition for what little is available is extreme. Only 6-7% of foreign students in US receive any financial aid through their school.

Work-Study Program is primarily funded through federal taxes, therefore restricted to US citizens & LPR. If you were awarded this as part of your financial aid package, it would be noted on your I-20 form from the school, along with your maximum amount of earnings allowed. Typically $ 5000/yr is the most anyone ever gets, and that’s only going to cover some personal, incidental expenses – like laundry, local transportation, etc, maybe a share a pizza with mates once a month. Except for those awarded Work-Study (that’s assigned on-campus job ONLY), working by foreign student visa holders is strictly prohibited and a major visa violation (visa fraud) which gets you ordered to depart with permanent bar to reentry to US.

Proof of sufficient funds for all school + living expenses, plus return transportation to your country of citizenship is required to apply for a student visa. You WILL use all that money! Average costs of 4-year baccalaureate degree for Americans is $ 250,000, and foreign students have expenses Americans do not incur. Expect to have to show a minimum of $ 50,000 (plus your parents’ earnings sufficient to provide at least that annually), just to apply for visa if you’re accepted at a university. Financial aid rarely covers more than about 10% (maybe 25%, if you are extraordinarily brilliant & extremely lucky) of total costs – your living costs can exceed total school expenses!

Best way to obtain scholarships for international use is to win one of many international competitions for high school students in sciences, math, music, lots more. Also check your parents’ employers to see if they offer any scholarship to employees’ children, or have a “parent loan” program which is repaid through payroll deductions.

See if your country offers any scholarships for the country’s “best and brightest” to study abroad in fields needed in the country – you bring back needed knowledge to your country. Return to your country mandatory where they have these, and they often provide job upon graduation, but student visas also mandate return to your country of citizenship immediately upon completion or termination of studies – you are going home no matter what.

Research private scholarships to find one you might qualify for & which can be used internationally.

Studying abroad is a LUXURY, and you must expect to pay for your luxuries. Nobody else will.

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What is financial aid, and what are the criteria for awarding aid?

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