How can I get my tax return?

Question by CogitoErgoCogitoSum: How can I get my tax return?
I have gone through Jackson Hewitt for the past five years in a row… and I filed back in March. I have always had my check sent directly to my house, and I did nothing differently this year… except that in mid-April they called me to say that my return check was waiting for me at their office. No explanation why this happened, its inconvenient. Mid-April is after the filing rush, and so the tax office working hours are slimmed to almost nothing. The official hours are only two hours a day, 9-11 only on Fridays, the one day a week. Not only am I full time employee and full time student, but I am literally in the midle of class lecture during 9-11. I ditched class last Friday just to pick up the check, only to find when I got there that they arbitrarily changed their office hours to Monday. It just so happens Monday is a holiday. Every time I happen to swing by during hours, they are closed. I have called them nearly a dozen times over the past two months… no call returns.
They are being exceptionally unprofessional. Their policies and procedures are inconsistent. I paid more for my filing this year than in past years. They are unreliable. And they are personally pissing me off. I need that money. Every time I try to get a hold of them, there is no answer, no one around, and no returns of email or phone calls. Suffice it to say, Im extremely pissed off.

What courses of action are at my disposal?

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Send them a letter, signed by you, requesting that they mail your check to you. Including a stamped, self-addressed envelope increases your chances of proper delivery. Your letter should state your attempts to pick up the check and the problems you encountered, in businesslike summation.

Then find the regional office online and make a written complain there. They have website with ways to contact them. For example chicago area regional manager is Melanie Taub.
FYI: Your tax return is the form filed with IRS. Your refund is the amount due you from IRS.

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2 thoughts on “How can I get my tax return?”

  1. Their corporate offices are: Jackson Hewitt, 3 Sylvan Way, Parsippany, New Jersey (973)630-1040 You can express your problems with their franchisee there.

  2. Well, I guess this is the LAST time you’ll go through them. The extra you paid this year was probably for the privilege (?) of whatever caused the check to go to them, maybe having your fees taken out of your refund?

    I’d send them a certified letter and tell them to mail you the check, that if you don’t receive it in (x) days, maybe 7, you will be reporting this to the IRS. Then if you don’t get your check, call the IRS. Unfortunately, you most likely signed something allowing your check to go to J-H, so the IRS might not be able to help you with this.

    The suggestion of another responder to call the corporate office might work – give that a try too. They’d at least know where to get in touch with the franchise owner/manager.

    Good luck.

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