have to move out and i need money fast! help financial advice needed?

Question by Krishna: have to move out and i need money fast! help financial advice needed?
I have been an unemployed student for 9 months now. just living at home with my parents. my boyfriend and i have been together for almost 2 years now, and he cant move out of his parents either until i get a job. he’s had a consistent job for 2 years now and we’ve been planning on moving in together as soon as i get a job. but i can not find one, and its taking too long for him. he feels like our relationship is in limbo because we are stuck living with our parents still ( i agree, we are in our early 20s) he is fed up and i cant stand the thought of losing him over this 🙁 im searching really hard for a job but there just arent any openings in my area. i was thinking of getting a personal loan, but the interest rate on those are like 12%. ridiculous. my question is, is there any way to get money without a job, and without taking a personal bank loan?

i dont have anything worth selling
thanks everyone. proof reading books sounds kinda awesome and id be good at it. donating plasma… i could try. swiss bank account idea made me laugh 🙂 so thanks. i think im going to try to sell my prom/ dance dresses, look into proof reading books, and look for temp and odd jobs. this really sucks though 🙁 we almost broke up today and i know its all my fault. im losing sleep over this and i had a mental break down last night 🙁 finals are coming up too. ugh 🙁 well ill try to keep my chin up. ill get through this eventually. thanks

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Answer by Sunkiss9999
No bank will give you a loan without any personal income coming in to repay the loan in payments the following month…

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9 thoughts on “have to move out and i need money fast! help financial advice needed?”

  1. Have you looked into proofreading books for money? I don’t know how good you are at English, but that could be a nice, fun way to make a little money on the side. I don’t know if you are rural or urban, but you could always try the whole temp agency thing.

  2. I know how you feel. I was raised in my grandparents attic.

    Take about 12 credit hours at a local community college. They gave me a $ 1300 pell grant for the first semester alone.

  3. open a swiss bank acount, steal art from china that is 5000 yrs old, sell it, put the money in your swiss bank account, wire the money to canada or mexico where you open a bank account there with a fake alias then have it turned into cash then go back home. or instead of wasting your time go to a bank and apply for a small loan, or open a home business then get an easier to get business loan and use it for housing for your business

  4. without knowing location it is hard to give specific ideas.
    Try the following fast foods, restaurants, temp agencies,
    security companies (great place for students).
    visit library for info on how to create income w/o job mind set.
    in many places u can clean house around ur classes and
    make a living wage.

  5. Dear , Try to sell some product for earing purpose , You are a girl and people would
    like to listen you .In side you can do a job in BPO’s they are providing a good salary.
    once you will start some earing then sarch a good job which siutes you and
    stop some extra expences and save your money , and use your money in a good way
    once you will find a job then you can get loan , so on the basis of loan you can buy
    some property or house ,you can take some one house on rent and you can make it
    as PG and make some money by this way , Dear there a lot of ways to earn money
    but you have to work hart , once you will start to earn money then you can become richer.

  6. look around if you can donate plasma.
    First time, it takes long, but after that, it only takes like 10 minutes or so.
    It is definitely a quick cash!

    Another quick cash is the Invest in Stock.
    Of course, you need to study the effects and the global society, but some stocks rise fast!
    So, you need to BUY LOW and SELL HIGH!
    many people actually BUY HIGH and SELL LOW due to panics… But, you just need to be calm!

    Look into church / non-profit organizations for donations.
    Yes, it may sounds awful, but money is money. If they are willing to receive donation, I would say why not?
    (It’s no time for you to pick and choose, since you are really rushing)

    Sell your assets like ear-rings, rings, wristband, sun-glasses, bowls,,,etc.
    Every little money will help you!

    You can also do the extreme. (I HIGHLY DO NOT SUGGEST THIS)
    but, since you asked, I will put it here.
    1. You have many kidneys, so you can surgically remove and sell it.
    2. If you have any drugs, adderall sell it. People generally buy those $ 5 USD per pill. (it could go higher-lower depends on dosage)
    3. you can do one-night stands?!?!

  7. Sorry, but I can’t help but wonder what your BF has been doing with HIS savings for two years while living at home? Though two incomes are always better than one,( living at home), your boyfriend should have saved “something” by now.

    Everything “hinges’ on whether or not YOU get a job…including the “RELATIONSHIP” ?

    I see some “red flags”. This appears to be more about Money…NOT love. It appears that your BF is more interested in making sure that you can HELP him pay the rent (or IS HE EXPECTING YOU TO PAY THE WHOLE RENT , so he can continue to save all HIS job earnings as he probably has been doing while living with His Parents the last 2 years)?

    Definitely DON’T take out a “loan”. Loans will NOT pay the rent if you DON’T have a job, and without a job,if you got a loan, it would be at someone else’s RISK (ie. your Parents).

    You won’t like this, (and I understand the monetary logistics of your situation), but getting a job vs. “breaking up” are two separate issues, Frankly, if your BF is leveraging You to get a job or the relationship is over, he ISN’T the GUY for you!!!

    I would RE evaluate your “relationship” with this guy while you still have “a roof over your head” at your Parents. Once you’re sharing a “roof’ with him, you WON’T have much choice if you don’t have a job(lose it), or run out of money, and may well be dumped and out on the street.

    I suspect that there is something lacking in your relationship that he is willing to let you go without an income, and that YOU are so willing to do ANYTHING to keep from “losing Him”. It does not appear to have the earmarks for a successful Future, but that’s our opinion. Good luck. Peace.

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