Has reality TV gone too far?

Question by Gary G: Has reality TV gone too far?
This new show baby borrowers on NBC has couples “loan” their child to an eager teenage couple that wants to see what it’s like to have a kid… is that beneficial to the kids/couple?

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Answer by Precious
I can’t wait to see this show so “kids” get a taste of what being a parent is about. Yes, a baby will love you back and they are cute but they are also tons of work. I would never put my baby on that show but I hope that all the teenagers out there watch this show and stop getting pregnant.

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9 thoughts on “Has reality TV gone too far?”

  1. Could be. Not a new concept, either. They used to do it on daytime talkshows. The baby is being monitored, obviously, with all the cameras around, so no harm will be allowed to come to the baby. If it shows some young naive couple the reality of having a baby I’d say power to them.

  2. I think that’s a good idea if the parents “loaning” the child are close to the younger couple and trust them. Or are watching them in the house. Just to make sure if anything like an emergency happens they are ready to help. I actually like the idea, it’s might help a lot of couples who want a baby too soon in their relationship. :]

  3. I would certainly hope so. Having a baby is way harder than any kid/teen would ever imagine. I don’t think that they could fathom it as they don’t really grasp responsibility to begin with. I would say give the baby and all the other adult responsibilities like work and bills and see how much they like it. I would only do it with regular supervision so they could step in if/when the baby is in danger. So long as the baby is safe then it sounds like a good experiment.

  4. well if the kids need to learn resposibiliy i think that giving them a robot baby is better than putting your child at risk with some teens that are trying to learn respoinibility, and dont have enough to start with a real kid…

    Though would be a good idea for them to work in a child care facility for a while, to get the hang of things first…

  5. I wouldn’t give my kid to anyone i suspect would be irresponsible. My community used to have a program for teens, called Baby, think it over. You would have to spend 2 weeks with a simulated baby, one who cries, needs to be fed, changed, bathed, cuddled, held and tended to. The dolls looked and felt very realistic. That would be a great alternative.

  6. ive watched this programme they ran a series of it in the uk last year. I personally thought it was a terrible idea and could in no way be good for the young children loaned out. But it was very interesting to watch and taught the teenagers a good lesson . . .babies and young children arent easy! All the same though it cant have been good for the really young children (0-36mths) who didnt really know what was going on. Their real parents did come in to check on them so it wasnt too bad.

  7. Not a great idea at all. Not only would I never allow my child to be a guinea pig for someones experiment but I don’t think these teens are going to learn anything either. Children are so different around other people than they are around their parents. These kids will probably think they are on some sort of vacation and these teens will probably think “oh how cute”. IDK… just stupid. Don’t people encounter enough babies and kids in their lives on an everyday basis anyway. It’s not like they are some rare creature. Just go sit at a park and you’ll see kids behavior in all their glory.

  8. i am concerned about the baby and what this ‘borrowing’ could do mentally to the child. It is a good idea but is it safe?

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