does anyone know any financial aid providers for struggling teen?

Question by Danielle C: does anyone know any financial aid providers for struggling teen?
i am 18 yrs. old and i have pretty much been o my own since i was 9, i have always went from home to home and about 2 years ago i came to live with my grandfather and recently i turned 18 and my grandfather isnt telling me to move out but the rest of my family is always telling him to kick me out. I have been trying these past 2 months to save up but i only work 32 hours a week and it isnt like i have parents or family i can turn to… i tried looking into loans but i wanted to check if anyone knew of any aid providers?
The reason I am not able to get a second job is because i am in my last year of high school and i am raising my 2 year old brother that provide for as well but i didnt think that was important to mention cause i didnt ask for people to give me there opinion on my Situation cause to me an opinion is just a Judgmental conclusion especially when you dont know anything about the person or the details behind the situation… i just thought by me stating a few details would Specify my question a little more

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Answer by stick man
Get a better job. Try waitressing and do a good job to get good tips. Also, try mowing lawns. I hear that if you do a good job, you can make a lot of money. Also, try selling unneeded objects on ebay.

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3 thoughts on “does anyone know any financial aid providers for struggling teen?”

  1. Thats so nice your grandfather lets you live there.. he must really care about you. Do you help out around the house? I hope you do. And help make his life comfortable. Anyway I think your family is being very rude. Everyone needs a place to live. As long as you and him get along .. nobody should have anything to say about it. Why not look into going to your local community college. You can work part-time and go to school part-time and the college can help you with finanicial aid. Financial aid will pay your tuition for school. Then you can get a better job and move out on your own. It seems to me that life has been unfair to you… and that your grandfather wants to see you do good. Take advantage of his kindness for your own good and try to improve your situation for the long run with an education. Good luck.

  2. Try your best to stay away from loans “just to get by” — the money disappears in no time, and you have nothing to show for it, except debt with a high interest rate. With your age and work history, the only kind of loan you will qualify for will be a “junk loan” with an astronomical interest rate. It’s a quick way to get sucked in over your head, and you don’t want to be declaring bankruptcy when you’re 21!

    Try to stick it out with your grandfather and save every cent you can until you graduate from high school. Once you have your diploma, you can go to college (scholarships, student loans), or choose to work. You might have to work two jobs for a while, to get yourself on your feet. You might have to share a small apartment or rent a room for a while. If you are independent, you might qualify for food stamps, etc., for a while, to help with expenses. That’s what welfare is for — to give people a little help, until they can help themselves.

  3. Have you filled out your FAFSA? Google it and you can do it online. You could possibly qualify for a Federal Pell Grant, which doesn’t have to be repaid like a loan. You can also check the box for student loans (which have an extremely low interest rate, and gives you, I believe 40 years to repay them), and for work-study programs. Put any schools that you are interested in in the required fields. After your FAFSA has been processed, they will send the information to those schools. Your next step will be to apply to a school (or schools) of your choice. Be sure to find out what the requirements are before applying and make sure that you meet those requirements. If you need any help, use the link in my profile to email me.

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