Do some students go to college because being a student is the only thing they know how to do and YOU pay for?

Question by Philip H: Do some students go to college because being a student is the only thing they know how to do and YOU pay for?
their years of dodging life’s responsibilities?
Is that why students Love Obama and is that why Obama wants to increase handouts to students and colleges and forgive their “loans”?
Is it just more vote buying?
There are many responsible students, but look at the end results and it is obvious many are just using the system to Avoid responsibility.
I see once again many didn’t read my entire question and statement.
My question isn’t aimed at Real students, just the ones who take junk courses and dodge responsibility and dodge paying their agreed to obligations.
Oh, I see. Some answers were given by those who can’t really Read!

Best answer:

Answer by Κατατραυα Σταυεφτικα 😀
Whatever you say oh great Oracle.

What do you think? Answer below! Federal student loans are available for college students through the U…

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7 thoughts on “Do some students go to college because being a student is the only thing they know how to do and YOU pay for?”

  1. I’m convinced that the primary product of a College/University is stupidity!..hence my most frequent insult, “did you have to go to college to get that stupid?”..see the movie “smart people”..guys a complete moron, but he THINKS he’s a genius!

  2. Wait…so it’s a problem attending school now?!….you’re pathetic and reaching just stop it, smh…”hand-outs” are you for real?! Today’s workforce is very challenging because just a high school degree and or GED is not going to make you competitive for a future career. A bachelor’s or higher is the new high school degree! Wake up and get it together!

  3. I think most students go to college so they’ll make more money and have more rewarding careers.

    If you think spending your 20s being completely broke and working 60 hours a week on a degree is a way of “dodging life’s responsibilities” you’re sorely mistaken.

  4. You REALLY think kids go to college just to avoid life’s responsibilities?! That’s ridiculous. What is, then, the responsibilities of a kid straight out of high school?

    Society has changed so much in one generation that you CANNOT survive off of minimum wage straight out of high school. That a college degree is practically essential for even a decent life for yourself. We have lost most of our manufacturing jobs and have moved on to more advanced jobs that require specific and special qualifications to do (just look at the jobless manufacture workers taking specialty courses to be more competitive). Kids know this, they’re not stupid or lazy.

    Many of them are indeed too lazy or stupid to belong in college, but usually go anyways because they know a life with only a high school diploma or less is not the norm anymore, that most people are EXPECTED to get a college degree. Some are too stupid to succeed, but most are doing what’s expected of them, and most will succeed and become productive (and they better be) taxpaying citizens.

    You really want to cut financial support to the vast majority of college just to weed out the few who aren’t suppose to be there? Tuition is CRIPPLING and RISING over the past years, and it gets in the way of them becoming productive citizens, or buying a house, or a car, or starting a family, or starting a business.

    What is the end result you are looking at, and how is it obvious, because it isn’t to me.

  5. I think that kids should do military service before they hit college. That way there is no question whether they are dodging responsibilities. Somehow I don’t think that Obama could buy votes from that kind of crowd.

    Kids right out of college have no life experience, no way to see if they are being used to further an agenda. Thing is, I would have a hard time not liking Obama if he forgave $ 100k of student loans for me. That is a pretty big payoff and a pretty big misuse of the public’s money.

  6. Exactly what it is, vote-buying. If they & he had their way you wouldn’t be able to tell student from faculty. They’d both be old & grey.
    They’re expensive day-care centers where they major in Hooka, STDs & Beer-Bong “ologies”.
    Deeply in debt for a worthless degree. A bad choice (of theirs) they now want you to pay for. They wasted their time and forgot the meter was running.
    Sure, cash them out, me too. I want “equal” (they love that word, don’t they?), compensation. Everyone who couldn’t afford to go, or did pay deserves “exactly” the same amount. Which is why it’s impossible without printing so much money it will make the currency worthless.
    Student loan debt has hit $ 1,000,000,000,000 (one Trillion). Not exactly “peanuts”, eh?
    The same thing happened with the mortgage crisis. Is your memory that short, or has your greed just made you “myopic” to a personal agenda?
    There’s no where else for them to go (for 12 years), their parents don’t want them back. They’ve burned their resources & their bridges. Can’t help but wonder (since they’re unemployed, drowning in debt), & um … stupid? … why they think they’re so smart?
    Ever wonder why there’s 50+ housing?
    As desirable as they think they are, no one but their peers will tolerate them, and they sure as hell can’t pay their own way. A dilemma? I should say so, the same one youth has had since the beginning of time. Except now it’s way more expensive to undo their rebellious mistakes.
    Yah it’s a problem, but only one of a Zillion. It has no priority except with this POTUS, and his efforts to get reelected. AKA, vote-buying.
    Just remember this guy promised solar-powered flying cars & eternal life last time as well, until the election was over, then “obstructionists” stopped him (snicker, are you really that dumb?).

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