Can I use financial aid for rent?

Question by Mike C: Can I use financial aid for rent?
Complicated question… I am going to attend a local community college this fall and I just filled out my fafsa and my EFC=0. I want to get an apartment that is close to school. I am going to be attending full-time so I have to cut back my hours at work. I dont know if I will be able to pay rent, food, car etc. The tuition of the school is really cheap, lets say for 12 hours of coursework its $ 875 for just tuition. anybody have any idea if I will get more than that to pay for other expenses? I really need help with this matter!! any ideas?

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Answer by mithril
It should cover your expenses while in school, but you have to pay it back with interest.

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  1. If you receive a refund check then you are allowed to use it for expenses such as rent. From my experience in working at the Financial Aid Department of my university, most students intentionally borrow more than the cost to cover tuition just for this purpose(ex: rent, books,etc.) Try to stay away from the “alternative loans” as they have higher interest rates and the gov’t does not subsidize the interest while you are still attending school. I know a lot does depend on what your current financial situation is now, or your parents’ if they still claim you. Discuss this with your Financial Aid advisor, as this truly is a case by case basis. Do keep in mind, however, whatever the amount that you borrow, no matter what it was spent on, tuition or rent, must be paid back.

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