becoming a school psychologist?

Question by LG_89: becoming a school psychologist?
hey everybody I was wondering how hard is it to become a school psychologist? I’m 21 now and would truly love to go back to school. The problem is that its seems that it’ll take 6 years minimum to acheive my goal. Would you advise doing this at my age? Plus I’m poor so money is most def an issue, is my goal attainable or just a dream?

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Answer by opal fruit
As the saying goes nothing is impossible i think you should go for it your young and this job could help young people and know they have someone to understand them so go for it make it not a dream and reality good luck

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3 thoughts on “becoming a school psychologist?”

  1. well it is’nt that hard really, as long as you understand that schools are propaganda brainwashing centres you’ll be right, after all america has school shootings and all. all you have to do is know lots about consumerism and peer group bonding, of course there are always “the loser” they’ll just end up shooing themselves or others, but look on the bright side, 90 percent of people end up fine, just one thing, they are great with an attitude, great fashion sense, but are extremely dumb, one thing, if they are “nerdy” expect them to be depressed and rejected, and also they’ll probably end up “losers”.

    P.S 9/11 is an inside job, most of us are not taught to think, (thanks to our schooling system) we’re too interested in social peer group bonding and trends and fashion and nerd bashing.

  2. If you’re already questioning giving only 6 years of your life learning to help others, I would advise you to pick another profession. There’s plenty of people “student loaning” their way to their chosen field.

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