Army contract concern?

Question by Bob: Army contract concern?
For my enlistment bonus I turned down the GI bill and an $ 8,000 signing bonus for 3 years in return to have the Army pay for my student loans. I called the lender yesterday and they said the DoD does NOT pay for private loans through Chase. I specifically asked the person that was doing my contract at MEPS if the Army would pay for my student loans that were through Chase and were private, and he said yes. I asked him twice just to make sure. When I was talking to a customer support agent he brought up that the DoD does NOT pay for private student loans. So am I basically screwed out of getting anything for enlisting or is there anything I can do? If he told me TWICE that they could pay for it but the guy said that DoD does not pay for private loans who is right? And if the Chase customer support person is right is there anything I can do about him telling me that they could and would pay for my loans after I asked him about specifics? If there is not any way they are going to pay it what should I do about this because I basically get nothing out of my contract then. I will talk to my recruiter about it in a few days when I go into visit but any information I could get now is great. Thanks.
So, I have NOT left for BCT yet. Is it as easy to change my contract as it sounds?

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Answer by Justg
Honestly, you should have done your damn research before believing the idiots at MEPS. MEPS is renowned for their screw-ups.
The SLRP does not pay for private loans. You need to renegotiate your contract if you’ve already signed it.

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3 thoughts on “Army contract concern?”

  1. If the payoff is in your contract, you will receive payment that you can then use to pay off your loans. You did read your contract before signing it, I hope.

  2. the Dod will not pay your loan. Instead, they will issue YOU the funds, which you should use to repay the loan. (Lots of folks take the cash and spend somewhere else, Big mistake.)

    Also read your enlistment contract, i believe it’s “ITEM J” in the section that lists what voids the contract. Joining the Advanced ROTC program will stop the “repayment benefit.”

    finally, if a “loan repayment program” is written in your enlistment contract, it will happen. Some “non-Customer service” schmo, who is looked towrds the Thanksgiving holiday or the weekend, doesn’t really care about providing you the most accurate information. (If he’s wrong, you’ll get the right answer from someone else. it is happy hour yet?)

    Good luck.

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